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Organic Benefit #1

Lack of Pesticides

Of course, the biggest benefit of organic anything is a lack of pesticides. Sugar cane is notoriously filled with dangerous pesticides and chemicals, sprayed on the plants during growing to prevent parasites and other horticultural diseases. Weeds and bacteria are two other dangers that can potentially be found during the juice extraction process.

Organic Benefit #2

Various Nutritional Benefits

In comparison to the overly-processed, highly refined white cane sugar, organic sugar actually does contain SOME nutritional properties. When organically processed, the organic unrefined sugar contains 17 amino acids, 11 minerals (such as sodium, magnesium, calcium, and iron), and 6 different vitamins. Unrefined sugar retains its fructose and glucose along with sucrose, while the processed refined white sugar only contains sucrose and glucose.

Organic Benefit #3

Therapeutic Properties

Sugarcane has little known therapeutic properties that are used quite often in other cultures. Of course, the benefits exist only in sugarcane that hasn’t been processed into near oblivion, so using organic sugar is the best way to retain these therapeutic benefits. In Indian ayurveda and unani medicine and for the native and traditional healers of Chattisgarh, sugarcane is used to treat thirst, fatigue, intestinal difficulties, anemia, ulcers, and inflammatory processes. Ganni medicine uses sugarcane as a laxative and benefit the liver, oftentimes using it to treat jaundice.

Organic Benefit #4

Treatment of Febrile Disorders

Tropical sugarcane is naturally rich in carbohydrates and iron which makes it beneficial to boost energy in patients with low energy stores. With its natural sugars, minerals, and organic acids, sugarcane strengthens many organs, including but not limited to the heart, lungs, kidneys, and and eyes. It is also used in other countries to treat fevers. People with febrile disorders are often given liberal dosages of sugarcane juice to restore the body with protein stores.

Organic Benefit #5

Medical Research

Sugarcane is being used in groundbreaking research in places like Cuba, brought to fruition at the popularity of the organic sugar industry. Cuba is attempting to find useful ways to reuse sugar derivatives made during the processing of sugar. Cuban scientists are arguing that sugarcane as the same potential as petroleum to become one of the most diverse products in the world, saying it’s completely capable of having multiple uses in the medical, chemical, and biotechnology fields.

In Texas, scientists are hoping that recombinant proteins can be produced using sugarcane instead of animals and provide more recombinant proteins to help treat and potentially cure hundreds of disease that plague humans.

While health officials still maintain their stance that sugar intake be limited by people of all ages, regardless of health status, other countries are beginning to utilize sugarcane for much more than food sweetening. There are dozens of research projects underway to encourage fully utilizing sugarcane and finding other ways to use it that don’t require processing the sugarcane.


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