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Toor dal/ Arhar Dal (500 gm)

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organic Toor dal

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Toor Dal may help reduce weight: Toor dal has a high dietary fibre content that helps you remain satiated for longer. The fibre content also helps you in keeping a check on the cholesterol level in your body as the fibre binds to it and expels it out of your body. The research published by the Indian Council of Medical Research also proves that adults who consumed legumes had lower a BMI than their non-consuming counterparts.
Beneficial for your bone health: Toor dal is an excellent source of Phosphorus that aids in the building of strong bones and teeth. Phosphorus also helps in reducing kidney waste and helps in growing, maintaining and repairing body tissues. In addition, the Folic Acid in toor dal helps promote hair growth and protects against various types of cancer.