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With the traces of elements like potassium and magnesium in Organic Kakdi(kheera), you can improve the neurological function of your body, along with keeping your blood pressure under control.

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#1. Benefits In Weight Management:
There is one more wonderful benefit of cucumber; and that is that it helps in reducing body weight. You can enjoy your meals by adding cucumber in your diet by means of salad or by eating it as a whole. This helps you in weight management.

#2. Helps Maintain Blood Pressure:
Cucumber or Kakdi(Kheera), also helps in maintaining blood pressure. They are rich in magnesium, potassium and fiber content, and that makes cucumbers useful in maintaining the appropriate blood pressure, which should not be too high or too low. Apart from this, cucumber also helps in lowering the pressures in the arteries and keeps them hydrated. This is why cucumbers or kakdi (Kheera) are recommended for people with hypertension.

#3. Digestive Health Benefits of Cucumber Or Kakdi (Kheera)
In order to keep your gut healthy, you have to take foods that are fibrous; and cucumbers are one of those fibrous foods. They contain an enzyme “Erepsin”, which improves the process of digestion and helps the body absorb protein adequately.

Protein in cucumber, facilitates the normal flora of the intestine. It also manages the bowel movement and soften the stool, because of its high water content. This helps in treating constipation, gastritis, ulcer and several other stomach related issues.

#4. Beneficial In The Treatment Cancer:
One more health benefits of cucumber or Kakdi (Kheera) is that, it has strong anti-cancer properties, including antioxidants, which eliminate the free radical cells and enhances your immunity. The anti-cancer properties in cucumber is due to the phytochemicals present in it.


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